The Importance of Regular Home Inspection

Being a home owner comes with a high degree of responsibility, even more so for property owners who rent to tenants. As an owner, the task of repairing issues falls directly on you. Home Fix-It Divas has seen that many need help with home repairs in Duluth, GA, and has learned several key reasons why regular maintenance is crucial.


Preventative maintenance

Home repair isn’t just about fixing problems as they arise. It’s also about anticipating potential issues and identifying them before they can become too large to fix. If leaky pipes go unrepaired for too long, floors, walls, or fixtures can suffer permanent damage. What began as a minor inconvenience can grow into costly, time-consuming issues. Being a step ahead of these issues can also save money overall, because there is no guarantee that the average cost of repair will remain constant into the future.

Keeping property values up

If a property begins to fall into disarray as a result of poor care and lack of maintenance, the value can drop. A drop in property value will not only cause the home to be sold for less on the market, but it can also affect home equity. When the amount a home is worth begins to fall beneath what you owe on the house, you can be in serious financial trouble.


Above and beyond financial measures, homes falling into disrepair can result in safety issues. If a foundation is cracked or fixtures aren’t security correctly, it can result in bodily injury or worse. Safety issues may negate homeowner’s insurance policies, meaning they will not cover damage or injuries that occur. Their mere existence may end up voiding your insurance plan altogether. There are also city ordinances that require homes to meet a certain code. If they don’t, you could be fined.

Many issues are not obvious to the common homeowner, even if they are quite the handyman. Therefore, it’s often necessary that homeowners seek help with home repair in Duluth, GA.