Reasons to Avoid Attempting Electrical Work on Your Own

If you’re having electrical problems at home, you might think that a few tools and a couple of YouTube videos are enough to enable you to do it on your own. And, in some cases, that might work out just fine. But when it comes to handyman repairs in Duluth, GA, electrical work is one type of repair that should always be left to the professionals. Keep reading to learn the dangers of DIY electrical repairs. And, if you’re looking for a professional to fix your electrical problems, contact the Home Fix-It Divas today.

Risk of Shock

Electricity is incredibly dangerous at any voltage, and especially at higher voltage levels. If you’re not experienced at electrical repairs, you may not cut off electricity to the correct area, and you could end up giving yourself a nasty--or even deadly--jolt.

The voltage for most homes’ lights and outlets is 110 volts; while this level of voltage isn’t typically deadly, it can be extremely painful. And, if you have any underlying health issues (especially heart troubles) and can still result in serious health complications or even death. Some home appliances, such as ovens and dryers, have voltages up to 240 volts, which is a dangerous load to be dealing with regardless of your current health. You should always have a professional handle the electricity in your home in order to protect yourself from the risk of electric shock.

Hand Plugging in Cord in Outlet

Electrical Fires

Even if you turn off the breaker to the correct zone and go about your repairs with zero troubles, that doesn’t mean the danger is over. When you flip that break back on, if the repairs are not done correctly, you run the risk of starting an electrical fire. All it takes is one faulty connection, and a single spark can result in a house-destroying blaze.

In fact, electrical fire hazards can lie dormant in your walls for months after a repair. You may think that everything is just fine with your DIY electrical work, only for the wiring to short out weeks later and cause a fire.

Is saving a few bucks really worth the risk of damaging or destroying your property and endangering the lives of everyone inside? DIY electrical jobs significantly increase the risk of electrical fires, so it is always better to use a professional.

Failing Inspections

There are very strict and precise requirements in place for the wiring of homes--and for a good reason. While you may not be getting an inspection any time soon, if you hope to sell your home in the future, you need to ensure every part of your home is up to code. If an inspector spots DIY electrical repairs, you could see your home’s sale fall through, and may even face heavy fines for failure to keep your house up to code.

If you’re having electrical troubles, we implore you not to try to repair it yourself. The risk to yourself, your property, and your family is simply not worth it. We offer affordable general home repair in Duluth, GA, including electrical repairs. So if you need your wiring looked at and fixed, contact us at the Home Fix-It Divas today for professional service today.