Essential Tips to Keep Your Plumbing System in Tip-Top Condition

If you’re a homeowner in Duluth, you'll eventually encounter drips, leaks, or clogs. Sometimes they show up alone, and sometimes, in pairs. You might even deal with all three at the same time. Don't let any of these plumbing system problems intimidate you! More often than not, the fix is relatively easy. Preventing plumbing issues in the first place is even easier. There's no guarantee you'll never need plumbing repair in Duluth GA, but it's possible to avoid costly repair bills. Read on and explore essential tips designed to help you maintain your plumbing system.

Use Drain Covers

Requests for help with clogged pipes keep most home repair specialists busy year-round. There is no season for clogs, although it's not unusual to experience more frequent clogs during the holidays. To avoid clogs, use drain covers in your kitchen and bathroom sink. Don't forget to place one in the shower to trap hair. Drain covers look like strainers, and they help prevent unwanted objects like food particles and hair from entering your plumbing system. Using a cover in the kitchen sink will prevent food debris from going down the drain. Cleaning the drain covers every day can significantly reduce clogged pipes and help avoid foul kitchen odors.

Keep FOG Out of Your Drains

While it might sound like the plot of a scary movie, FOG is an acronym for fats, oils, and greases. As FOG buildup grows, it evolves into a nasty, gunky clog deep down where even a plunger can't make it move. The only way to avoid the FOG clog is to keep fats, oils, and grease out of your sink. Despite your efforts, a small amount of grease will remain on cookware and dishes before you wash them. Prevent it from building up in your plumbing by running hot water down the drown for 15-20 seconds after you wash the dishes.

Wastebasket in Bathroom

Keep a Wastebasket in Your Bathroom

Ask any plumber about things they find when unclogging toilets, and you will hear some shocking stories. Toilets and plumbing pipes handle toilet paper and human waste. Avoid treating the toilet like a trash receptacle. They flush paper towels, baby wipes, facial tissue, cotton balls, and even paper diapers. None of these breaks down the way toilet paper does when it comes in contact with water. Even products that claim to be flushable (other than toilet paper) can create chaos in your home's plumbing system. It's best to throw those items in the wastebasket.

Fix Leaky Pipes

If you see wet spots or rusty stains on ceilings or walls, don't wait. It's a sign you have a leak! The best time to take of pipe leak repair is before you end up with severe water damage. The sooner you can get a professional in to locate the leak, the less damage will occur. You can often avoid leaks by having pipes inspected regularly. It's possible to replace a worn-out piece of pipe before it breaks.

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