Colors of Paint You Should Use for a Dark Room

Is there a room in your house that just seems to constantly be dark? Even with the lights on, there’s just something dreary about it, and it never gets enough natural light. If you’re looking to brighten up a naturally dark room, paint is one of the best ways to do it. But what color will do the trick? Keep reading to learn the best options for dark rooms recommended by home painting services in Duluth, GA.

White Isn’t Right

If your room is just always too dark, then you should go with the purest, brightest color you can think of—and that’s white, right? Wrong! While your instincts might tell you that painting everything in a crisp, bright white will immediately lighten up that room, that’s not true. White only appears bright because of how well it reflects natural light. But if there’s no natural light in your space, it’s just going to make the room feel even darker.


Yellow is always a good choice for a dark space. It’ll add a bit of sunshine to any room, regardless of how much natural sunshine it actually gets. Pair it with some white accents and some additional artificial lighting, and even the dimmest room can feel cheery again.

Paint wall yellow


Looking for something a bit more soothing, but still bright? Lavender is a fantastic option. Its warm tones will add that much-needed brightness to a dark room. It’s also an extremely versatile color when it comes to style. You can pair it with grays and whites for a more sophisticated feel, or throw in pops of pastels for a more whimsical, playful flair.

Powder Blue

This is another soothing color that can still brighten up a dark space. Choose something in a very soft hue, and your dark room will perk right up! It’s a very calming color, making it perfect for dark bedrooms that need a bit of extra brightness while remaining a relaxing space.


No, pink isn’t only for nurseries and little girls’ rooms. Depending on how you style it, a nice, soft pink can actually work as a beautifully neutral wall color. It’ll add some much-needed color and light to a room. Combine it with natural colors and textures—woodsy browns and forest greens—and you’ll be surprised just how mature and sophisticated a powdery pink can be.

Warm-Toned Neutrals

If you want to add some brightness to a room, but you’re a bit shy about putting too much color on your walls, don’t fret. It is possible to brighten a dark room with neutral colors! The key is to focus on warm tones in a medium shade. This means avoiding colors that have black in their base and picking ones that are more saturated. If the color is too dark, it’ll just darken your room further; if it’s too light, it’ll have the same effect as pure white, with no natural light to reflect. Warm browns and light grays—preferably ones with a bit of color in their base—work well for brightening up a room while keeping a neutral palette in the space.

If you need help finding the right color for your dark spaces, or you just want to let a pro handle the job, contact Home Fix-it Divas. We can even assist with wall repair services in Duluth, GA, to ensure that your room is flawless and beautiful. Give us a call to learn more!