Choosing the Right Paint for Your Closet

When repainting any room in your home, it’s important that you take some time to consider the paint you’re going to use carefully. But if you’re painting your closet, you need to put even more thought into it. This is an unusual space, and the color and finish that you choose could actually directly impact the functionality of your closet. Keep reading to get some tips on choosing the best paint for your closet from Home Fix-It Divas, a home painting service in Duluth, GA.

Walk-in closet

Choosing Your Color

The big mistake that many people make when painting their closet is to go a bit too bold with their color selection. Because this is a small space, it makes sense that you might want to do something fun with it. But the color of your walls will directly influence the way your clothes look as you’re picking out your outfit in the morning.

A very strong color in that small space can alter the apparent hue of your clothing, and you may find yourself wondering how you let yourself walk out of the house in a mismatched outfit as a result. While you don’t have to go completely neutral, try to tone down the colors a bit so that they don’t create a visual “bleed” effect by leeching the paint color into the appearance of your clothing.

If you’re someone who picks their clothes right out of the closet in the morning, a lighter color may be a good idea, as this enhances clarity and makes it easier to see as you sift through your clothing in the early-morning hours. If you’re painting a closet that’s in a more public space, and you don’t want the contents to be as noticeable when the door is opened, opt for a darker color to help the contents blend into the background.

Matching to Your Bedroom

While it’s not essential to match your closet’s paint color to your bedroom’s walls, it’s something worth considering, especially for large walk-in closets. This will help to blend the two spaces together for a cohesive look. If you want to do something a bit different without creating a jarring effect, consider painting an accent wall in your master bedroom, then paint the walk-in closet the same color.

Woman painting wall

Choosing the Sheen

When choosing what paint finish you want, you may instinctively go for satin or flat. While these finishes are great at covering blemishes on your walls and are very forgiving, they also show their age rather quickly. In a closet, items are constantly being moved around, rubbing or bumping against the wall as you hunt for things or reorganize your space. Because of this, you should consider investing in a touch, higher-gloss paint when painting your closet. It will stand up to this wear and tear better than other finishes.

The Painting Process

Painting a closet is a bit trickier than painting a normal room. Not only do you have to clear out your personal items completely, but you’ll need to dismantle and remove any built-in closet organizers—including shelves, rods, and so on—to get a smooth, even paint job. This can be a much bigger ordeal than you might imagine when repainting such a small space.

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