Tips to Pet-Proof Your Home Plumbing

Pets are wonderful additions to the family, but they can also get into trouble. Cats can scratch furniture, dogs can dig up your favorite plants, and exotic pets have unusual behaviors that reflect their wild nature.

One of the worst ways that pets can damage your home concerns your plumbing system, or the pipes, appliances, and fixtures that direct water into your home and send sewage out. All of these precise components have to work perfectly for you to have a clean supply of water and reliable appliances. If you have any problems with your plumbing system, contact a home plumbing contractor in Duluth, GA. Many plumbers are familiar with pet-related damage and know just how to fix it.

Cat in sink

Here are some of the top ways that pets can damage your plumbing, and tips on what to do to keep them safe.

Exposed Pipes

Pets can gnaw on unusual objects, including pipes and wires. PVC pipes, or white plastic pipes, are particularly in danger of penetrating bites, since plastic is fairly brittle and easy to crack. Cover up or conceal plumbing so your pets can't get into them. Plumbers offer home repair assistance to diagnose, fix, and cover up exposed pipes.

Standing Water

Pets will drink virtually any water they find, which can be cute if you see them drinking from a faucet, but if they get into the toilet they can spread dangerous pathogens. If they find standing water in a clogged sink or tub, they can get very sick. Keep your pet's water bowl full at all times, and keep your toilet lid down. Consider investing in a child safety device for the toilet lid if you have a large, strong dog.

Also, call a plumber for faucet leak repair and clog repair so your pet doesn't drink dirty water. Never store drain cleaners or other plumbing chemicals within reach of pets. These chemicals are deadly if ingested.

Pet Cleanings

Always bathe your pet outdoors or on a patio. Pets release a lot of matted fur when you clean them. These clumps don't belong in any of your indoor drains. Let the yard soak up this mess so you don't clog any of your drains. Also, even indoor pets can get dirty from traversing the floors all day. You don't want any dirt and grime clogging your drains either.

Unfortunately, accidents happen when you keep an animal indoors. In case of a plumbing crisis, contact a home plumbing contractor in Duluth, GA.