Things to Know before Hiring a Home Repair Contractor

Finding the right contractor for home repair assistance is essential in making sure that your home stays sound and secure. After all, a home improvement project gone wrong can have disastrous results. So, how do you distinguish the superior home repair contractors from the substandard? Knowing what questions to ask can make all the difference between receiving satisfactory results that keep you and your family safe, and wasting your time and money for a subpar service. Here are four things to consider when searching for home repair in Duluth, GA.



Contractors who have been in business for a decent amount of time have a considerable advantage over those who haven’t. This experience shows that they have navigated the hardships that plague startup companies, such as having to create their own business systems from the ground up that ensure satisfactory work.

However, you may not want to immediately reject a contractor who doesn’t have experience. Many home improvement business owners choose to have a technical education in their trade before starting their practice. Ultimately, contractors want to address any concerns a consumer might have, so bringing yours to their attention before turning them down can help.

Contractor License

Many states, cities, and counties have examinations and competency criteria that a contractor must meet to obtain a license. As a safe consumer and homeowner, you should know if a potential contractor has the proper certification or license in their field. There are plenty of websites and resources you can use to determine if your state or area requires contracting licenses, and if a potential contractor has the necessary certification.


While checking if a contractor is insured before hiring them is an important step, it’s much more critical to see how they’re insured. Based on the type of work they perform, a contractor should have two certificates of insurance: workers’ compensation and liability insurance. Ensuring that a potential hire has both of these certifications can save you time, money, and worry.

Permits and Inspections

While not every job requires a thorough inspection or a permit, those that change or affect the structure of a building do. A reputable contractor should know which permits are needed for a particular project and pull them for you if they're required.