5 Home Improvement Projects to Take up This Fall

Fall is a great season to take on home improvement projects that you put off to the side during the summer. Most building materials operate more efficiently when they are installed at moderate temperatures. Here are five home improvement projects to take up this fall.

Caulking window

Become Energy Efficient

If you’re looking to save some money, caulking your doors, windows, and siding is an easy way to do that. A way to test where you need to caulk is to do a walk-through of the inside of your home with a lighted incense stick. If you notice that the smoke starts blowing, then that’s a sign. You may want to consider using silicone caulk since it’s waterproof, crack-proof, and flexible. It’s best to have a home drywall repair service in Duluth, GA do this to your home before the weather gets too cold.

Clean the Gutters

Its important for moisture to be directed away from the foundation. A home maintenance repair service in Duluth, GA will clean your gutters and inspect your downspouts to ensure that the water is being directed away from your home. Accumulated moisture is the number one issue that homeowners face and clogged gutters in the winter can result in ice building up and causing damage.

Get the Garage Organized

Many people never park their vehicles in the garage because it’s packed full of stuff. There are organizing systems that you can use so that you can put everything in the appropriate place and find enough space for your vehicle. You may also want to check the shovels, snow brushes, and snowblower to ensure that all of your tools are working properly.

Plant a Tree

Trees are usually dormant in the fall and the spring because it’s easier on the root system. Figure out where you would like to plant a tree so that it can aid in helping you save on your energy bills. If you place the tree in the appropriate position, it will give you shade during the summer months and break the wind during the winter.

Paint Your Front Door

Having a freshly painted front door helps your home stand out in your neighborhood. It can also be completed in just one afternoon. Typically, exterior painting should be done when temperatures are around 50 degrees. This allows the paint to set properly and prevents it from freezing before its completely dry. Hiring home repair assistance in Duluth, GA will ensure that your door is professionally painted. If you'd like to learn more or don't want to do it yourself, give the professionals at Home Fix-It Divas a call today.