4 Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

You can find some beautiful older homes in Duluth, GA. You might even live in one. It doesn't matter how old your home is -- there are all kinds of repairs and upgrades you will likely make during the time you live there. One upgrade you may not have anticipated is the electrical service panel. Continue reading to learn about this important feature of your home and 4 reasons why you should upgrade the electrical panel.

Old Farm House

You Live in This Old House

If you look at living in an older home as the fulfillment of your American dream, you’re not alone. From unique architecture to original wood finishes, living in an older home takes you back to a simpler time. As much as you love your old house, eventually the old will need to be replaced with the new. Updating the electrical panel is one important change you might consider making soon. Any idea how old the electrical system is in your home? Electrical panels should be replaced every 20-30 years. Chances are if you’ve lived in your home that long, or moved into a home built before 1970, your panel is out of date. If you can’t determine the age of the panel, it’s best to call a home repair technician. One thing you can check on your own is whether your system currently runs on fuses.

Your House Has Fuses

In short, electrical fuses are devices designed to interrupt electrical current. The interruption protects the electrical circuit. If your old house was built before 1970, it’s possible you’re running a fuse-based electrical system. Fuse-based systems worked when people living in homes didn’t overwhelm the electrical system. People didn’t have television sets in every room. They didn’t run laptops, tablets, gaming systems, and kitchens full of electrical appliances all at the same time. One problem with fuses is they don’t trip if the system is overloaded. Instead, they blow, or short circuit. This could create a fire hazard. The fire risk isn’t huge, but significant enough for some homeowner’s insurance providers to not cover your home if you still use fuses. If you’re not sure what fuses look like, find your electrical panel and look for glass or ceramic cylinders that screw into sockets. If you find levers with on-off switches, then your system has been updated to circuit breakers. A strong sign you should update your electrical service panel is tripped circuit breakers.

Tripped Breakers to the Extreme

Your electrical system runs on circuits, which are protected by circuit breakers, or fuses if the system is old. Circuit breakers are supposed to shut off power to the circuit when they’re overloaded. It’s a minor inconvenience to go to the breaker box or electrical panel, find the tripped circuit, and flip it back on. Circuit breakers protect you and your home by not allowing the system to overheat and start a fire. If the circuits in your home trip often, it could mean your electrical panel cannot handle the electrical draw. If circuit breakers trip frequently, contact a home electrical repair service in Duluth, GA, and have the system checked.

Woman with Electric Panel

You’re Buying New Appliances

If you’re doing a complete remodel of a kitchen and installing new appliances, consider updating your service panel. Maybe you’re upgrading to a new air conditioner or furnace. It’s the perfect time for an update to the electrical system. Refrigerators, stoves, HVAC systems, and whirlpool tubs either in the bathroom or on the patio consume large amounts of electricity. An outdated panel may not be able to handle running those appliances or systems. If you’ve already installed a new appliance and notice the circuit breakers trip when you attempt to use it, it’s time for an upgrade. If you’re building a new addition to your home, you definitely want to update the entire system.

We don’t offer this type of service at Home Fix-It Divas, but we sure can highly recommend a great Licensed Master Electrician who can come out and go over the system with you and determine what work, if any, needs to be done in no time!