4 Signs Your Garage Door Needs to Be Repaired

Your garage door is built to open and close dozens, if not hundreds, of times a year. It can raise and lower without problems for years, and is an important and visible layer of security at your home. You may take it for granted until the door fails to work properly.

Over time, any one of the many moving parts responsible for the garage door's operation may break down or malfunction. Springs can snap, rollers can shift off their tracks, and metal rails can bend or warp. Some of the signs that your garage door needs repair are obvious, while others may require close inspection.

Modern house with garage door

You may suspect a problem with your garage door's operation but are not sure what to do about it. If you notice these four common signs, contact a specialist in garage door repair in Duluth, GA, before you think about doing the job yourself.

Equipment Check

Worn or frayed cables, bent or broken hinges, or a loss of tension in the springs are all indications that repairs are required. For one thing, these are essential to the garage door's safe operation. Failure to address these problems increases the risk of injury or property damage from a malfunctioning door, so it is best to call a garage door technician to do the repairs.

It Won't Open

Obviously, your garage door needs to be repaired if it will not open or close properly. A door that does not move may have its rollers jammed on the tracks, or the cables in the pulley system may be tangled. The source of the problem could be with the garage door opener working improperly. Whatever the issue is that is jamming the door open or closed, it should be addressed by a garage door technician right away.

Uneven Appearance

You may notice that your garage door is uneven on the ground when closed. One side of the door may have slipped off the track or is not operating as efficiently as the other side. A gap between the bottom of your garage door and the ground is more than a sign of a malfunctioning door. It also makes for an unwelcome home security risk.

Loud Noises

Most garage doors make noise when opening, but excessive straining or creaking noises could be signs of something else. If your door is ear-rattling loud when it opens and closes, you should have it looked at. Attempting to do repairs on a garage door yourself is risky. When signs of problems emerge, contact a company specializing in garage door repair in Duluth, GA, to get your door back in safe working order.